Thursday, October 26, 2023

The End of the Adena - Hopewell and the Eruption of Krakatoa in 535 A.D.


 The End of the Adena - Hopewell and the Eruption of Krakatoa in 535 A.D.

The end of the Adena Hopewell mound building and the construction of the geometric earthworks ends at about the date of 535 A.D. when Krakatoa erupted causing two years of a "nuclear winter." But there is evidence in the Ohio Valley that the Hopewell Sioux resumed mound building in the Mississippian era with the platform mounds at the Marietta and Cedar Banks works in Chillicothe. : Your Guide to Ancient Adena Hopewell Earthworks at Marietta, Ohio

The End of the Adena Hopewell
    There is evidence revealed in David Keys, Book called “Catastrophe” that a global disaster occurred in the year 535 A.D. This was caused when the volcanic island of Krakatoa, located near the equator in the Indian Ocean literally exploded. Pyroclastic debris was thrown into the air and because it was close to the equator, the ash spread across the entire globe resulting in what we would call now a “nuclear winter.” Starvation and plague covered the earth; the Adena-Hopewell Empire began to crumble.
    Civilizations fell across the world, Rome and Teotihuacan of Mexico succumbed to famine at the same time. As in Europe the fall of the Adena Hopewell ushered in the Dark Ages in the Ohio Valley.