Monday, December 18, 2023

Adena Mound Builder's Indian Mound Reserve-Pollock Earthworks is Being Destroyed by University Archaeologists

 Adena Mound Builder's Indian Mound Reserve-Pollock Earthworks is Being Destroyed by University Archaeologists

This is one of the gateways that was behind one of the half-circle earthworks and "burial" mounds. Each of these earthworks were curved at the ends giving them a serpentine appearance. The stone in the foreground lined the bottom the earthwork (which we already knew.). Stone pathways were once described leading into the earthen openings (This discovery was not attempted by the grave robbing archaeologist).  What did the archaeologists discover? Nothing. Destroying this earthwork only provided grant money for archaeologists to dig and for one of these criminals the opportunity to write his Doctoral dissertation. If you ever see an ancient archaeological site, destroy it. 

Located in Indian Mound Park near Cedarville, Greene County is an enclosure overlooking the river that has serpentine elements. The earthwork designated as "wall" is what the university archaeologists have decided to destroy.

Despite numerous archaeological digs into the Adena Pollock earthworks the destruction continues. This damage to the earthworks is compliments of the university archaeological criminal at the University of Cincinnati.