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Who Built Fort Ancient, Ohio?

 Who Built Fort Ancient, Ohio? 

Fort Ancient Walls Consist of 553,000 Cubic Yards of Earth

20,000 Ton Trucks Lined Up Bumper to Bumper Would Stretch from Fort Ancient to Cleveland

Archaeologists Claim this was achieved with clam hoes. (ridiculous)

Only a few clam hoes uncovered at the Site

   Fort Ancient is Ohio's largest hilltop enclosure with over 3 miles of earthen walls that average about 12 feet in height, enclosing 126 acres of land. Words, maps or even photos don't relay the size and enormity of this site.  While it called a "fort" it was, in fact, a ceremonial center. It has many of the elements of the more geometric works in Ohio with parallel walls or sacred vias, solar and lunar alignments with other elements that are more unique. 
   A Woodhenge was recently discovered at the site. This type of structure was also found at the Stubbs geometric earthwork near there and another was found at Cahokia. Of course, this is a much more common find in Northern Germany and the British Isles. The daub houses that were constructed by the Ohio mound builders is also more reminiscent of Bronze Age Europe. According to archaeologists, later Native Americans who resided at the site lived in the more primitive wigwams.
    What one asks when looking at this massive site is, "why?" Why did they build it, for what purpose would they engage in such a monumental endeavor? For whatever reason, the explanations of how it was built by the archaeologists are even more puzzling. According to archaeologists, " Fort Ancient features 18, 000 feet of earthen walls built 2, 000 years ago by American Indians who used the shoulder blades of deer, split elk antler, clam shell hoes and digging sticks to dig the dirt. They then carried the soil in baskets holding 35 to 40 pounds. Portions of the walls were used in conjunction with the sun and moon to provide a calendar system for the peoples."
   Yes, it's a calendar, but the same result can be achieved with a stick in the ground.  There is something much more going on here. It is not my goal to unveil the secrets of Fort Ancient in this article and accompanying video, but to show that the current theories are ridiculous.