Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Hopewell Sioux: Rock Lake Wisconsin Solar Serpent Mound.


Hopewell Sioux: Rock Lake Wisconsin Solar Serpent Mound.

Discover the Serpent Mound swallowing an egg in Chicago, Illinois : Winnebago Hopewell Sioux Indian Serpent Mound. Located in Chicago, Illinois

Solar orienttion of the Rock Lake Serpent Mound is to align with the sunrise of the Winter Solstice.  This is the day when the Sun God is reborn and was also symbolic of those spirits within the burial being born again in the after world.  One of the oldest Dakota Sioux tribes was the Winnebago who occupied Wisconsin for thousands of years and were the builders of the effigy mounds found in the State.

The Serpent Mound located on an adjacent island at Rock Lake with solar alignments to both the Winter and Summer Solstices. Note the burial mounds within the center of the Serpent Mound.

 Like all prehistoric sites where effigies and earthworks are present,a story is being told.  The serpent mound is associated with the Sun, but is also the consort of the Earth Mother and the protector of the dead.  Is this the purpose of this serpent?  Was it constructed to protect those buried in the rock pyramids in the lake?
  The serpent  symbol is prevalent all over this continent. It appears in  effigies in Canada, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota, There are many serpent myths  among the Iroquois and Algonquins. These represent the serpent as coming out of the water and  turning  them  into serpents,  taking them below the water,  thus  reminding us of the  temptation. The serpent, also, is a water god, who antagonizes the chief god, and  produces the.great flood. The story of the flood is always associated  with the  serpent as the cause. The  serpent, in  fact, is the source of evil.

More serpentine effigies and burial mounds were found along the shore of Rock Lake.  The fact that they are on the west side of the lake is usually associated with death, where souls go after they die, to be reborn in the east.