Friday, June 9, 2023

Osage Hopewell Sioux Mound Builders Continue to Construct Burial Mounds in Missouri and Illinois


Osage Hopewell Sioux Mound Builders Continue to Construct Burial Mounds  in Missouri and Illinois

After evacuating the Ohio Valley around 500 A.D., the Osage Hopewell Indians continued to construct burial mounds in Illinois and Missouri.  More Osage Indian ancient remains found in Missouri : Large Human Osage Hopewell Mound Builders Skeleton Discovered in a Missouri Cave

  Some evidences of mound-buildin by northern Indians may be found in the works of comparatively modern writers. Lewis C. Beck [Footnote: Gazetteer of the States of Ill. and  affirms that "one of the largest mounds in this country has been thrown upon this stream [the Osage] within the last thirty or forty years by the Osages, near the great Osage village, in honor of one of their deceased chiefs." It is probable this is the mound referred to by Major Sibley, [Footnote: Featherstoubaugh, Excur. through Slave States, who says an Osage Indian informed him that a chief of his tribe having died while all the men were off on a hunt, he was buried in the usual manner, with his weapons, etc., and a small mound was raised over him. When the hunters returned this mound was enlarged at intervals, every man carrying materials, and so the work went on for a long time, and the mound, when finished, was dressed off to a conical form at the top. The old Indian further said he had been informed, and believed, that all the mounds had a similar origin.

      Lewis and Clarke mention not only the erection of a mound over a modern chief, but also numerous earthworks, including mounds, which were known to be the work of contemporaneous Indians.