Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Fifty Ancient Hewn Stone Sarcophagus Tombs Discovered in Indiana Across the River from the Falls of the Ohio River


Fifty Ancient Hewn Stone Sarcophagus Tombs Discovered in Indiana Across the River from the Falls of the Ohio River

For more of the Shawnee slaughter of the white Indians led by tgheor chief Yeloow Hair www.nephilimgiants.net : Shawnee Legend of a Tall Chief with Yellow Hair That Ruled Over the Ohio Mound Builders

The other cemetery contains the bones of 50 dead Kings. The tombs are made of rough hewn stone and the occupants were all men, not one of whom was less than six and one half feet high. They were buried in sitting posture, with their faces turned toward the rising sun and their weapons must have been buried with them, evidently placed in their laps. But the peculiar coincidence is that the left temple of each had been crushed in by some blunt instrument. Whether it was as religious rite or a precaution against burying them alive is a matter of surmise. The writer, who opened one of the graves with Prof. Green, the eminent geologist and at one time State Geologist of Indiana, believes it was a religious rite.
The history of Kentucky says when the first white settlers arrived at Louisville they found piles of human skeletons on Corn Island and some are found there now. To the early settlers it appeared that there had been a great battle fought and that one tribe had been entirely wiped out. All of the skeletons were those of people of medium stature, save one, that of a man, and he must have been seven feet high.