Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ancient Giant Neanderthal Hybrids Discovered in Megalithic Cromlech in France

Ancient Giant Neanderthal Hybrids Discovered in Megalithic Cromlech in France

Are these the same Neanderthal looking giants that came to the Ohio Valley. A Megalthic tomb in Iowa is evidence that they did : Skeletons in Megalithic Arched Giant's Stone Tomb in Athens County, Ohio

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Skeletons of Giant Warriors Unearthed in France

Men who lived 25,000 years ago Believed to have died fighting-Arrow found in head of one.

    The discovery of 25,000-year-old graves containing well preserved skeletons of three prehistoric warriors has just been discovered at Solutre, a small village in the. [...] department of France, widely known for its prehistoric remains.
    In the last 60 years remarkable specimens of remains of the prehistoric period have been found at Solutre, and a short time ago the Lyons faculty of science decide to undertake a methodical and scientific search of the district on its own account. The first search proved rather disappointing, but the work was nerveless, energetically carried on, and after 20 days of patient toll the scientist in charge of the expedition discovered three men who lived in the latter Paleolithic or Aurignacien period, from 20,000 to 25,000 years ago.
    The three skeletons were buried in the same position at a depth of three feet seven inches, five feet and six feet respectively the heads facing the rising sun. Lying on their backs the knees slightly raised, the hands clasped over the stomach, the skeletons were resting on beds of ashes. On either side of the head were two roughly hewn stones in the shape of a “cromlech,” which it is believed indicate the exact position to be occupied by the body.
    The skeletons evidently belonged to extremely powerful men, as the smallest of the three measured six feet two inches while the tallest measured six feet nine inches. The shape of the skull is remarkable, the forehead is rather low. The sockets of the eye are square and of large dimensions; the jawbone is prominent and the jaws are powerful, and still contain well preserved teeth.