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2000-Year Nephilim European Earthen Sun Temple Discovered in Indiana

 2000-Year Nephilim -European Earthen Sun Temple Discovered in Indiana

Sun temple henge in Allen County, Indiana . These were built by the giant Amorites who originated from Babylon. More on Indiana's giant race : Indiana's Ancient Giant Race

The History of Allen County, Indiana 1880
Descending the St. Joseph on the east, to the farm of Peter Notestine, one of the oldest settlers, we find a circular “fort” or earthwork, situated in the bend of the river... it has been plowed over for nearly thirty years and has lost much of its outlines. Many relics have been found here, and when newly plowed, numerous fragments of pottery, flints, and stone implements are yet found in and around its site. A large pipe of pottery was found here some years since. The bowl and stem are molded in one piece and the end of the stem has been flattened by the fingers while plastic to form a mouthpiece.

 Looking through the gateway of the henge that breeches the interior ditch.  The gateway is aligned to either the Equinox (March 22, September 22) or Beltane (May 1) sunrise. The outer wall has disappeared from years of farming.

   The pipe that was found at this site is diagnostic of the Point Peninsula Iroquois that would date this henge from 200 B.C. - 200 A.D.  The Point Peninsula Iroquois were heavily influenced by the Adena (Indo-European) in the Ohio Valley.  

  The henge in Fort Wayne is a smaller version of the henges that are found in the State of Indiana in Anderson at Mounds State Park, Cambridge City, New Castle and Strawtown.  There were several of these smaller henges that were recorded in the State in Delaware County and also Henry County, on the south side of New Castle. In all three locations they were singular.

Singular henge located in New Castle; Indiana is the same size as in Allen County.  The New Castle henge has a gateway that is aligned to the summer solstice sunrise. 
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